"One is not born a woman,
one becomes one."

Erie Sisters

is a social organization of Transgendered girls based in the
northwest Pennsylvania city of Erie. Our membership is open to
Trangendered persons, spouses, and significant others. Sexual orientation and race are
non-issues for us. We are an outgoing group of transgendered girls who enjoy having fun!
Erie Sisters has members around the country, including Florida and Washington, D.C.,
but most girls hail from the Great Tri-State area of Pennsylvania, New York and Ohio.

Lake Erie Gala

Our annual November bash is one of the most unique and affordable Transgender events anywhere.

It is unique because it's the only national event that uses the community in and around Erie Pennsylvania
as its classroom and playground. We believe that getting out as a woman into the local community
in a safe and structured program does more to develop self confidence than any seminar in a classroom could
ever hope to attain.

For the ladies who are more experienced our day programs outside of the hotel are exciting, educational and distinctive.
A typical day would start mid morning with an organized tour of a point of local interest such as visiting one of the
splendid local vineyards,lunch at a fine restaurant, and another tour in the afternoon returning to the hotel
in plenty of time to rest, socialize and prepare for the evening's activity.

Evenings are special. Typically they begin about 6 with cocktails and dinner and then some professional entertainment
such as comedians, a fashion show and culminating with the Glitter Ball on Saturday when everyone can dress to the nines
in a long gown or a short sheath cocktail dress. All you have to do that evening is sparkle and be radiant.

The Erie Gala is truly affordable because all costs (except for a cash bar) for the Wednesday through Sunday day and
evening programs are included in the gala registration fee. A number of girls arrive before Wednesday to socialize and
shop with meals and lodging at their costs.

The only additional costs besides your travel expenses are for your hotel room. Single and double occupancy cost the
same so if you can find a friend to share your room your room will cost about $50 a night. You can't beat that!

Local vendors are available at very reasonable cost to advise you and with help with make up, makeovers, spa services,
nails, wigs, and of course a selection of fine fashionable clothes in a wide range of sizes. Friendly local merchants
welcome gala attendees to their businesses and are pleased to serve us.

In addition to assisting the less experienced girls, the Gala welcomes and has several programs for wives and significant others.
A large percentage of Gala attendees are partners and have learned, made friends and enjoyed the Gala.

The gala emphasizes the individual and provides personal service. The Gala and the city are ready to pamper and serve you.
Yes, the Erie Gala emphasizes fun but it is many more things. It is a truly enjoyable and unforgettable experience.


As of 11/18/2007 the Erie Sisters are no longer associated with Transevents.
The 2008 Lake Erie Gala will be solely produced by the Erie Sisters.

2008 Lake Erie Gala

Mark your calendars as our 2008 Gala runs from November 17th through the 22nd.
This is our tenth anniversary of having our Gala in Erie PA.

The 2008 Gala will be held at the Avalon Hotel. This year the room price is $76.00 a night.
It is very important that you make your reservations early. Make sure that you
register in our block of rooms. The name of our room block is Lake Erie Gala.

The Avalon's website is Avalon Hotel

To register a spouse or a SO

To register a spouse or a SO first you need to register the primary Attendee
all the way through. Then register the Spouse or SO. When you get to the package
you would then select the package with spouse or SO. Also make sure that you
select a meal choice for each person.

The Gala Itenerary can be accessed by clicking the Itenerary button below.

Fashion Show Update

The Fashion Show, part of our Saturday evening entertainment program, will feature
daywear fom the Avenue clothing store in Erie, PA.
This is a national chain of stylish clothing stores for women, size 14 and up.
They also stock shoes to size 13 many in wide widths.

We will need models that are in this size range. If you are interested or have any questions,
please contact LauraMiller, cdlaura2001 at yahoo dot com (You will need to change it into an email address to use it)
We plan to have an model orientation session Saturday afternoon, and models should visit the
Avenue prior to Saturday to select and fit outfits that they would like to model.

This year we are also going to feature a wedding dress fashion segment in the show.
If you would like the opportunity to display and have photos taken in your special wedding dress,
please plan on bringing it and advise Laura of your interest to participate. Or if
you have a dress that you would like to sell, this would be an opportunity to market it."


Our next meeting is the Lake Erie Gala
November 17th through 22nd. See you there.

It is always a good idea to contact us to make sure that
the meeting has not been canceled.We have been having problems getting into
and hearing voice mail. If you leave a voice mail make sure that you follow up
with an email or get us on the phone.

Gala Registration's

Our email service has been down. If you have registered for our Gala and haven't
been contacted call us at the number listed below.


Due to a huge amount of spam we have changed some our email address's and removing direct links
to them on our website. You will have to convert them to a usuable email address.
See below for some new address's

Gala email -------- gala-es at eriesisters dot org
Join email -------- join-es at eriesisters dot org
Bethany's email --- bethanymyers at eriesisters dot org

Erie Sisters Phone

Erie Sisters can now be reached by phone at (814) 746-5524
Best time to call is Mon, Wed, Fri from 5 pm - 9 pm.
If you leave a voice mail and don't hear back from us it is a good idea to
follow up with an email or call back until you get us in person.


We make every effort to ensure that we have permission to place
them on our website. If you see a picture on our site that may not have permission
to be there please let us know and we will remove it.