"Snowflakes are one of nature's most
fragile things, but just look what they
can do when they stick together."


Lake Erie Group was founded in 1991 by
and a few other crossdressers. We welcome all who share our
passion for crossdressing, feeling feminine and dressing up in women’s clothes.

We alternate months of “in” meetings, which are held in a nice and secure
facility [a local church where you can change] for those not comfortable
enough to venture out in public en femme. We meet the fourth Saturday of the
month, except for June, July and August. Every other month we dine at a local
restaurant or go out clubbing. We travel to Warren, Ohio, for meetings,
since our group is attracting more and more members from that area. Once there,
we invade the
Queen of Hearts the third Friday night of each month.
We also, of course, sponsor
Lake Erie Gala, our traditional November fun fest!

Dues for memberships are $20 dollars per year.
There is no charge for spouses
or significant others.

There is no meeting fee when we gather at the church. After meetings
we usually go out dancing, which is by far our favorite pastime. In any
event, we promise you won't get bored! Our members hail from Erie,
other cities in Pennsylvania and New York and Ohio.
We encourage you to travel down the gender path of your own choosing.
Should you decide to express your feminine self and join our group,Lake Erie Group
will proudly walk with you on your journey. If you have any questions about
joining our sorority of sisters, feel free to contact us by clicking the icon below.