As a service to the crossdressing community in the Tri-State area, here is a list
of transgender-friendly businesses in Erie, Pa. If you know of any others, by all means
please let us know and we will add the establishment to our growing list.This was
last updated May 17, 2008 If you've got a place to add,
send us an e-mail by clicking the box below.


Matthew's Trattoria at Lovell Place
153 East 13th St., Erie, Pa.
Tel: 814-459-6458

Zodiac Dinor
2516 State St., Erie, Pa.
Tel: 814-455-3543

Dominick's 24 Hour Eatery
123 E. 12th St., Erie, Pa.
Tel: 814-459-5781

Pappa Joe's Coffee Shop [Pepperoni Cafe]
402 West 8th St., Erie, Pa.
Tel: 814-455-1292


The Zone
     133 W. 18th St., Erie, Pa.
   Tel: 814-452-0125


Veronica's Day Spa
551 West 8th St., Erie, Pa.
Tel: 814-456-1715
Ask for Veronica

Lerners of New York
MillCreek Mall
Interstate 90 & State Road 19, Erie, Pa.
Tel: 814-868-9000

The Limited
MillCreek Mall
Interstate 90 & State Road 19, Erie, Pa.
Tel: 814-868-9000

Fashion Bug
Buffalo Road [Eastway Plaza]
Erie, Pa.
Tel: 814-899-6857

Chic Wig Boutique
MillCreek Square
Erie, Pa.
Tel: 814-864-7454

    Wig Fashions By Carrie

       1914 E. 38th St., Erie, Pa.
Tel: 814-824-9447

Ultimate Cut
3704 Pine Ave., Erie, Pa.
Tel: 814-456-0886
Ask for Jackie

Mohr & More Etc...
1210 West 26th St., Erie, Pa.
Tel: 814-455-9497

Classic Consignments
902 West 21st Street, Erie, Pa.
Tel: 814-455-1969

Elite Salon
2168 W. 12th Street, Erie, Pa.
Tel: 814-455-8756

The Avenue
1917 Keystone Dr., Erie, Pa.
Tel: 814-866-8985